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True Love, Healthy Love

Coaching & PSYCH-K for those who've been struggling on the path to partnership and are ready to live, love, and thrive with an awakened heart

You are not broken or in need of fixing,
and neither is your love life

But you may be feeling

  • Stuck in a loop of bad relationships or no relationships at all

  • Scared that you’re not capable of healthy intimacy and romance

  • Frustrated that, after all your inner work, you still don't have the loving partnership you long for

Welcome. I'm so glad you're here. 

I’m Emily Arin Snider and I help conscious, creative, and intelligent women and men, like you, heal your primary love wounds, restore your self-love and confidence, and become infused with your own soulful radiance. From this feeling of deep self-belonging and being lit up within, you can more easily call in and receive the BIG LOVE relationship you dream of and deserve.

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If you've been hurt in love, mismatched in love, or deeply baffled about this whole relationship thing, I get you!

Up until a few years ago—in my late 30's—I struggled with romance. I know the pain and frustration of flailing and failing in relationships—or going through long stretches on my own that made me wonder if I was even capable of being truly close with another person.

When you review your relationship history, you might find that you:

  • Repeat painful patterns or avoid relationships altogether

  • Hold on to heartache beyond the natural grieving process

  • Have a knack for being drawn to unavailable people (geographically, emotionally, relationally)

  • Feel more comfortable with giving than receiving

  • Struggle with self-doubt and discernment when it comes to love

  • Feel guilty when setting boundaries

  • Analyze interactions until your head is spinning

  • Settle for less than you want or deserve

  • Have a nagging sense of insecurity and not belonging

  • Wonder if there are truly any good matches for you out there 

  • Feel mystified and/or terrified about how to communicate your truth when dating

...or maybe you've never been in a relationship. 

Regardless of your past, a new experience of love is possible.

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I feel so much lighter!

When I started working with Emily, I was struggling with a strong attachment to somebody that was never fully giving back what I wanted. I was also working all the time and feeling a lack of ability to create boundaries that would keep me sane. I’ve come to realize those are ways I had been staying isolated and keeping myself distanced from real relating.

In my work with Emily, I’ve come a lot farther than I thought I would. But not just In letting go of this person and seeing my self-sabotaging patterns more clearly. I’ve also started to feel open to connecting with somebody else—and, more importantly, open to simply feeling happy in my life. It sounds like that shouldn’t be such a revelation, but I realize I can be happy.

I wanted to feel lighter from these sessions and that's how I feel. I don’t have any tattoos, but I feel so transformed, I’ve actually thought about getting one

No matter how discouraged you might be feeling in your search for a partner, I can tell you from personal experience it is possible to

  • Finally be free of painful stories about love

  • Untether yourself from past hurts and sabotaging behaviors

  • Engage in a relationship from a place of clarity, ease, courage, authenticity, and true deservingness


I was initially drawn to this healing work to overcome my own decades-long patterns of depression, codependency, and fear of intimacy—a combination that kept landing me in unhealthy relationships or sabotaging the good ones.


Now I'm devoted to helping liberate others from their pain and awaken them to their true nature so they can live beautiful, connected, and expanded lives too. 

Work with me 1:1

All of my work with clients is oriented toward amplifying what is already working in life, releasing what isn’t, establishing deep inner security, and aligning mind-heart-body-actions toward desired outcomes. 


If you're feeling truly ready to make breakthroughs in relating, it would be my pleasure to gift you a powerful, complimentary 30-minute coaching and energy psychology session. This way you can experience what it would feel like to have me as your coach and facilitator.


It is my intention for this appointment to be impactful in your life and a helpful opportunity for us to explore our collaborative fit. If this invitation sparks a "yes" for you, send an email my way: I look forward to meeting with you soon!

I’ve spent the majority of my 10+ years in therapy talking about all kinds of relationships—friends, colleagues, parent stuff, etc. But the sessions with Emily have been really helpful in focusing on the specific struggle and pain around intimate partnership and creating more lightness around it. I now feel more space around my old ways of thinking and less judgmental of myself in this area of life.

Emily creates a very safe, compassionate and loving space to explore and be vulnerable. And, because of the somatic and energy component of this work, it offers a different way of approaching stuck patterns beyond just talking and thought. 

I know my years of singleness have served me, allowing me to embody myself in a full way and now I’m ready to connect with someone equally committed to their own fullness. I’m nervous, but excited and feel that I’m on the right track.    -Margot

Want a love letter?

Every 2-3 weeks, I send out a love letter to my list. I aim to make it worth your precious time—something to inspire, ignite insight, make you laugh... It all depends, really, on what/how life is teaching me at the time of writing. If you're even a little bit curious, sign up and let me delight you. 

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