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The House of Deserving

Re-building your life on a foundation of deep deservingness, so you can birth your dreams and manifest joyful outcomes with more ease.

This 10-week 1-on-1 holistic coaching program is built on a multi-faceted approach that honors and harmonizes the various layers of our inner world:

  • Subconscious beliefs

  • Emotional energy stored in the body / nervous system

  • Inner parts we developed at vulnerable times in life

  • Inherited familial/ancestral patterns (the fascinating field of epigenetics)

  • Spiritual orientation


Tending to all of these aspects in a coaching relationship powerfully clears space for your deeply held dreams to flourish and to discover new and healthy ways of being, relating, earning, enjoying, and contributing to the transformation of our world.

There’s no need to muscle your way through mindset change or will yourself into new habits. When we transform the inner fabric we're living from, elegant and exciting new possibilities emerge.

If this comprehensive approach to healing and growth sparks a yes for you, please note there is a deadline of June 9 to apply for one of the 10 beta testing spots for half the price of the regular program (in exchange for feedback and testimonials). This means the beta round will be $1,250 for the entire program instead of $2,500. Note: Only 2 beta spots left


This program is designed to skillfully guide you from any current feelings of discomfort, confusion, stuckness, or overwhelm to the version of you that is free, confident, clear, and powerful--and deeply connected to the core of your being.



If you feel called to experience more emotional, creative, and financial freedom—and a deeper sense of being totally deserving of your dreams fulfilled, send an email and we'll set up a 20-minute call. This will help us make sure we're an excellent fit for working together. 

I look forward to connecting and getting wonderfully witchy together!


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