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The House of Deserving

Re-building your life on a foundation of deep deservingness, so you can birth your dreams and manifest joyful outcomes with more ease.

"Emily is the real deal. She is wise, insightful, uplifting, and supportive. I honestly feel more healed from several sessions with her than from several years of therapy. Her Psych-K and House of Deserving work have helped me tremendously in all aspects of my life and I’m truly grateful." -Devon Simone 

This 10-week 1-on-1 holistic coaching program is built on a comprehensive approach that addresses and supports the transformation of:

  • Subconscious beliefs

  • Emotional energy stored in the body / nervous system

  • Inner parts we developed at vulnerable and overwhelming times in life

  • Inherited familial/ancestral patterns (the fascinating field of epigenetics)

  • Spiritual orientation and relationship to life


Tending to all of these aspects in a coaching relationship powerfully clears space for your deeply held dreams to flourish and supports you in discovering new and healthy ways of being, relating, earning, enjoying, and contributing to the transformation of our world.

There’s no need to muscle your way through mindset change or will yourself into new habits. When we transform the inner fabric we're living from, elegant and exciting new possibilities emerge.

If this comprehensive approach to healing and growth sparks a yes for you, please schedule a 20-minute complimentary call so we can get acquainted. This program is run only four times per year and there are only 10 spots available in each round.  


The current program is underway until mid-August. The following dates indicate when I will be running the program again: 

  • August 28 - October 26, 2023

  • January 8 - March 1, 2024

  • March 18 - May 24, 2024

Note: We select a recurring weekly date/time for your 1:1 sessions over the course of 10 weeks


The highly tailored, high-touch one-on-one 10-week container includes the following:


  • A thorough intake to identify the desired transformation for the journey ahead, and staking a bold claim for a dream that will be nurtured into being in this process.​


  • Ten 1:1 weekly coaching and energy psychology sessions on Zoom (60 minutes each) 


  • In-depth post-session notes each week to capture your insights and breakthroughs on the journey


  • Between-session support from me as needed to ensure action, alignment, and momentum toward your big dream(s)


  • A self-healing / self-growth toolkit that includes video tutorials so you can support yourself long after our work together is completed

The cost of the program is $2,100 and can be paid in full, or in 3 monthly installments of $750.


If you feel called to experience more emotional, creative, and financial freedom—and a deeper sense of being totally deserving of your dreams fulfilled, send an email and we'll set up a 20-minute call. This will help us make sure we're an excellent fit for working together. 

I look forward to connecting and getting wonderfully witchy together!



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