Mindful Matchmaking

Guided by the belief ‘the partner you seek is seeking you’, I love dedicating my time and talents to making sure the two of you find one another. 

In addition to my True and Healthy love coaching, I serve as a matchmaker with clients at Tawkify, a company with a refreshing approach to dating in the 21st century that includes personalized screening and blind first dates. 

As a Tawkify matchmaker, I have the privilege of gifting passive memberships in the database to amazing singles who might be a good match for Tawkify clients.


If this sparks some interest for you, click on this Free Membership Link. You'll be taken to a simple screen prompting you to create a membership dating profile. Once you've filled it out, I'll be in touch so we can set up a time to talk that will help me refine my sense of what you're seeking in a romantic partnership. 

Once you're all set up in the system, you will then have the potential to be matched (either by me or another Tawkify matchmaker) with paying clients who are searching for someone like you! 

This passive membership doesn't guarantee you'll be matched, but is entirely free. We are constantly aiming to enrich the pool of potential matches with quality people searching for love. 

If you have questions or simply want to confirm that you've set up your profile, feel free to send me an email

I look forward to connecting with you soon!