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True You,
True Boo.

Holistic coaching and energy psychology sessions for single women who've been struggling on the path to partnership. 

You are not a problem to be solved and neither is your love life! 

What if your desire for a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship is a call to inner and outer expansion and adventure, rather than a problem to be solved? 

That’s right - what if the journey to true partnership is a call to adventure?


The adventure of...

  • Becoming rooted in your own radiance and receptivity 

  • Harmonizing with your innate wisdom and wellbeing

  • Dissolving the illusion of disconnection 

  • Moving through the world as a queen of self-kindness

  • Learning to live lighthearted and wholehearted


And, of course, the adventure of starting to really enjoy meeting new people, dating with curiosity, allowing for intimacy…. and, if desired, eventually sharing a life path with another beautiful human.  


Many of us have gotten caught in the snares of pathologizing singlehood; viewing our yearning for partnership as a burden; or approaching the dating process with trepidation, cynicism, and insecurity. 


When we reframe it as an adventure, our curiosity gets to lead the way. Excitement has a seat at the table. And we know that stumbling is ok because we’ll sometimes be trekking through challenging terrain. 

Welcome. I'm so glad you're here. 


Hi. I’m Emily Arin Snider and I help conscious, creative, and intelligent women like you heal your primary love wounds, restore your core confidence, and become rooted in your own worthiness so you can more easily call in and create a BIG LOVE relationship with someone as magical as you.

But from where you stand now, this may seem like a far-off fantasy.


If you've been hurt in love, mismatched in love, or are avoiding it altogether, I get you!  Up until four years ago, I struggled with romance for most of my adult life and know the pain and frustration of flailing and failing in relationships—or going through long stretches on my own that made me wonder if I'd ever experience connection again.

When you review your relationship history, you might find that you:

  • Repeat painful patterns in relationships or avoid relationships altogether

  • Hold on to heartache beyond the natural grieving process

  • Have a knack for being drawn to unavailable people (& have less interest in those who pay you attention)

  • Feel more comfortable with giving than receiving

  • Struggle with self-doubt and discernment when it comes to love

  • Feel guilty when setting boundaries

  • Analyze interactions until your head is spinning

  • Settle for less than you want or deserve

  • Have a nagging sense of insecurity and not belonging

  • Wonder if there are truly any good matches for you out there 

  • Feel mystified and/or terrified about how to communicate your truth when dating


...or maybe you've never even been in a relationship. 

Regardless of your past, a new experience of love is possible.

Not long ago I was in your shoes. And I can tell you with confidence that it is possible to finally be free of your painful stories about love, untethered from your past disappointments, and ready to create a relationship from a place of clarity, ease, authenticity, and true deservingness. Click here to read more.

I would love to help you bring this new possibility into being in your own life. 

Working Together...

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Before any session packages are purchased, I offer a free 30-minute connection call to see if working together is a good fit. These are NOT sales conversations (I don't like being on the receiving end of those)—simply a good way to explore whether the work I offer can help you with the growth and relationship breakthroughs you desire.  If you feel resonant with me and my work after exploring this website, please schedule a call using the "Let's Chat" button below.

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I feel so much lighter!

When I started working with Emily, I was struggling with a strong attachment to somebody that was never fully giving back what I wanted. I was also working all the time and feeling a lack of ability to create boundaries that would keep me sane. I’ve come to realize those are ways I had been staying isolated and keeping myself distanced from real relating.

In my work with Emily, I’ve come a lot farther than I thought I would. But not just In letting go of this person and seeing my self-sabotaging patterns more clearly. I’ve also started to feel open to connecting with somebody else—and, more importantly, open to simply feeling happy in my life. It sounds like that shouldn’t be such a revelation, but I realize I can be happy, and why not? Who have I been struggling for and why?

On the intake form, there was a question of how I wanted to feel at the end of our work together. I felt heavy at the time and weighed down in life. I wanted to feel lighter. And that is how I feel. I don’t have any tattoos, but I feel so transformed, I’ve actually thought about getting one

I’ve also actually lost 20 pounds over the past few months. So I’m physically and emotionally lighter. These transformational sessions came into my life just when I needed them. A true blessing. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone struggling with self-defeating relationship patterns.


My work in this world is based on inclusion for people across all races, ages, colors, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, disability/abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. I believe Black Lives Matter and I stand for LGBTQIA+ rights. If money is a true hardship, please inquire about partial scholarship opportunities.

Foggy Lake

MaryFatimah Weening, L.Ac.

I have found that working with Emily has created profound shifts in my personal and professional life. She has studied and understood how releasing limiting unconscious beliefs and allowing the body and mind to heal can help us to align with our truest self, beyond doubt, anxiety, and fear. Working with Emily is simply an incredible opportunity and gift along the path.


 Mia Terol, Executive Coach

I came to my first session with Emily filled with shame and anxiety around a particular incident. By the time we finished, I felt renewed and self-loved.


I have no idea how this works, but it works. That's all I need to know. Just having Emily's guidance was a tremendous gift. I can't wait for the next session.  

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Ann D'Angelo, Mindfulness Educator

The sessions I have had with Emily have been profound. I immediately feel a shift in both my body and mind.


Emily has a gift as a facilitator that allows you to feel vulnerable and held all at the same moment...The work we did together has helped carry me in some difficult discussions. I feel strong and confident even in the midst of this challenging time in life.