Next Steps for Working Together 

Thank you for entrusting me with our first session together. I hope you found it nourishing and supportive—and sensed the expansive possibilities of reconnecting more deeply with your own inner magic. 


If this transformative mind-body-energy work feels like the right next step toward your dreams for joyful living and healthy partnership, I would love to be your guide and facilitator.

For scheduling purposes, it is helpful for me when new clients sign up for their Healthy Love Foundation Package (see below) within one week of their gift session. As a thank you for signing up within this 7-day timeframe, I offer 10% off the package price of $1,200. Use ONEWEEKYES as a coupon code at check out. 

If you're ready to sign up and would like to use a debit or credit card, click the button below.

If you'd like to use Venmo or are interested in setting up a payment plan, click below to email me.

Need more time? No worries! You can always sign up at a later date for the regular package price. 

Healthy Love Foundation Package

6-sessions + support in between: $1,200

2 and 3-month payment plans are available. 

These sessions can be scheduled over the course of three months, but it's often helpful to establish a weekly rhythm in the beginning. The first session in the package is 75 minutes and each subsequent session is 60-75 minutes. 

Session Follow Up: I follow up each session with notes about your breakthroughs and easy action steps to help you fully integrate these changes throughout the week. 

Support Between Sessions: As you move through your week and take action in the world, you may have questions arise or new challenges pop up. Feel free to reach out. Within 24 hours of any given outreach (except on weekends), I respond with an email or bite-sized coach recording to support you on your path.

In addition, all of my clients receive a mini video course on how to use Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) as an optional home practice. This is a powerful self-healing tool that can be used well beyond the scope of our work together and can be applied to any area of life in which you're seeking transformation and growth.


Financial concerns?

There is no perfect formula for pricing transformational sessions that match the variety of people's financial situations (while still honoring the value of the service provided). If you are deeply lit up by the possibility of this work, but money is a true hardship at this time, please use the contact form to send me a note. We'll look at sliding scale options/payment plans (starting at $600 for the 6-session package). It is my desire to help as many women as possible who are really ready for transformation. We need more self-loved, confident, and courageous women roaming this earth!!  

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I've experienced a sea-change in my relating.

I came to these sessions with Emily not knowing how to identify (let alone change) the patterns that weren’t working for me in my dating life. All I knew was that I was stuck in ways of relating that were frustrating, painful, repetitive, and based on really low expectations. 

A lot has changed as a result of this work and I feel like my whole lens on relationships has transformed. I’m no longer relating or dating out of my old wounds. I feel more responsible for my own emotional environment and much deeper clarity on what partnership means for me—and how I want to be in a partnership.

I’m exploring a new relationship now and I finally feel like I’m growing through healthy connection, not just hard lessons and disappointment. It feels really good to get out of my own way.

Preparing yourself for partnership is a sacred journey.

With a trusted guide (who's been where you are), the journey can unfold with more ease and joy than going it alone.

While you might be feeling frustrated or exhausted with what you've tried so far on the path to partnership, let me reassure you and encourage you to carry on.


I know from personal experience, and through my work with clients, with the right tools and the right support (in concert with your devotion to healing and growth), the love breakthrough you yearn for is possible!

Emily Snider with Bill